Digital Product Adoption

Video-based onboarding, interactive guides and adoption kits to show your customers how to unlock the full potential of your tool suite.​​

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Organizations live and die by crucial moments of customer retention and growth, ensuring engagement throughout the lifecycle of their products. By driving adoption and helping your customers get maximum value from your offering, you can attract and keep more happy customers.

Building a technology platform or buying a new SaaS tool is simply not enough. You need to fundamentally change the way your work and how these new technologies fit in your users workflow. We help enterprises success in their digital endeavours by providing marketing and training strategy and collateral development to drive sticky adoption.

Use Cases

Enhance user experience, drive adoption and enhance self-service support through our design services, video and interactive tutorials.​

Enhance User Experience with UX/UI

A clunky UI will create hurdles in end user adoption. Be it your home-grown application or a SaaS product, post conducting a UX/UI audit, we create a brand new visual and interactive experience focused on user actions.

We also conduct UX audit for you to get quick and actionable expert feedback on the current experience of your digital products. We don’t audit the interface but the entire experience for all user personas.

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Streamline Customer Onboarding​

Creating a smooth and uncluttered onboarding experience while ensuring new customers understand your features and capabilities is essential to onboarding success.

We help you streamline customer onboarding with video-based interactive onboarding or by converting lengthy wordy documentation into engaging interactive guides. Everything we create is geared towards driving adoption, enhancing user experience and ensuring maximum utilization of your product.​

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Ensuring Customer Success​

Onboarding alone is not enough, so most enterprises companies have Customer Success teams to improve experience, manage retention and upsell/cross-sell products.​

We help equip your customer success team for productive and effective customer outreach by creating interactive content. Engage and train your customers with videos for tutorials, uses cases, success stories or train, share best practices customers through interactive guides. ​

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Drive Adoption for Enterprise End-users​

Selling a multi-user license to a large enterprise may seem like a guaranteed payday, but to get maximum lifetime value from a new customer, you need their end-users to start and keep using your product. We help SaaS companies by creating adoption kits to distribute to their enterprise customers – supporting them to drive adoption in their enterprise with confidence.​

Our adoption kits include ready to use email templates, use case videos, demo videos, infographics, newsletter templates, interactive guides, and success story templates to drive feature adoption and maximize product value.​

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Self-service Customer Support​

Today’s customers want answers now. They don’t have time to wait for support staff to reply. A comprehensive video-based support helpdesk can help you achieve meet these expectations.​

We specialize in demo videos and interactive guides to explain common scenarios. Reduce helpdesk tickets, level up your customer experience, and end customer confusion by driving self-support through demo videos and guides.​

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