Sales Enablement

Equip your sales team with the knowledge, skills and assets to help them succeed. We create video-based training, interactive onboarding, marketing collaterals for all their needs.​

Ready your Reps and Supercharge Sales

You can’t just give your sales team a product and expect them to instantly be able to generate sales. They need training, tools, and resources to support their persuasive efforts to turn prospects into customers.​

Here at Digital Apple, we help you to enable your sales teams by creating marketing assets as well as training material for that can educate them on your products, solutions and processes. Our interactive guided solutions can support them engage your digital-savvy audience and accelerate sales. Keep your sales team connected with engaging sales communications. ​​

Comprehensive Service

Don’t let your sales team struggle to close deals, here’s how we can help​

Content Audit

You constantly create new sales assets for your sales reps to access. But how confident are you that these you have all the necessary assets to support them across portfolios and the entire buying cycle. Do they depict the right value proposition, have the most relevant case studies and the latest stats, and adhere to your brand’s guidelines?​

Our content audit service can help you take a content inventory, compare it to best practices to highlight shortcomings and missing or incorrect information. Most importantly, it provides strategic direction to your content-building efforts.​

Sales Assets for All Your Needs

Sales reps still spend 32% of their time actually selling, so providing them with the right content can instantly boost their productivity. We partner with enterprises to create both external-facing content to persuade prospects and internal content to help prepare sales reps for their customer interactions.

External-facing Assets​

We create marketing collaterals across the buyer’s cycle to make sales efforts simple and impactful. We specialize in video and interactive assets. Popular creatives include - eBooks, whitepapers, customer presentations, case studies, datasheets, brochures, product and demo videos, email and proposal templates, and infographics.

Internal-facing Assets

To get the most of customer interactions, we help you create internal-use content to keep sales reps prepared, - like solution playbooks, product messaging guides, canned emails for every interaction, competitive battle cards, elevator pitches, sales accelerator kits and more. Enable your reps to unleash their full productivity.

Interactive Apps for Sales Reps​

We merge creativity with technology to create digital interactive assets that your reps can use to nurture leads and steers conversations​

Guided Selling Apps​

Equip your sales reps with video-based interactive applications that help them steer meetings in the direction of the customer’s interests. Our Apps provided a well-guided, repeatable, scalable sales process leading to shorter buying cycles and increased conversions.​


Entice customers by showing them instant pricing quotes or potential savings through automated calculators. Our custom solutions can help you automate any Excel or manual-based calculations to create a quick and simple way to educate prospects on your offering.


Nurture high quality leads with automated surveys. Our survey app can help you launch surveys for prospects, create instant customized recommendations report and automate internal processes. Bu understanding your prospects’ biggest pain points and gathering relevant information sales reps can personalise their pitch for increased conversions.

Sales Training for Fast-paced Teams​

Text-filled presentations and playbooks, as well as multi-day sales rep training bootcamps, are dead. We help create bite-size sales training material packed with videos, infographics and interactivity to drive higher engagement.​

Onboard New Reps Faster

Be it a new hire or a job rotation, to help your sales team succeed you need to train them.

We help induct them on your organisation’s business units, market landscape, your product and service offering and sales processes. Train them on what are the tools you use, explain customer personas, their buying criteria, past case studies and why you won those deals.

Product Training

To enable your sales teams to excel, they need to know about the product and services. Explain your product uses cases, value props, features and how it works. What is the typical customer journey, what are the typical objections and how do you address them? Explain the competitive landscape and what the winning strategy is.

What are the conversation starters, your elevator pitch? What collaterals are available and when should they use them? What are the industry nuances? Our video based product training answers these questions and more.

Explain your Sales Processes

You put processes and tools in place to efficiently run your sales team, but these are only useful if the team embraces them.

We help to create training for processes like how to capture leads and how to track activities through ‘How To’ training videos. Cover typical questions like how to run events, which brand templates to use and where to find content. Drive higher adherence to sales processes and reduce wasted time by sales reps, so that they can close deals faster.

Sales Communications

To keep your sales teams informed, engaged, and productive you constantly need to keep your reps informed on new product launches, industry trends, best practices, new processes or tools and more. Poorly designed communication collateral with information overload won’t meet this purpose.​

We partner with enterprises with effective sales communications through our array of design services to ensure your sales reps are always prepped for success.​ ​

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