Accelerating Adoption of a New P2P Tool

We created a tutorial video to explain the value proposition of the tool and how it works
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Driving Adoption across A Large Audience

Our client had developed a tool which allow buyers to raise purchase requests.

While the tool features were intriguing but the tool adoption was very low as there was no awareness created to understand the tool capabilities. The long dry SOP documentation wasn’t driving end-user adoption.


A Walk-through Tutorial Video came to the Rescue

We started by understanding the client process to understand the erstwhile process, how the new tool solves for this, what are the different use cases, and how the new process works.

We created a tutorial video so that the end-users can understand not only about the tool, but also the procurement policies and processes.


Project Showcase


Effective training

Shorter and effective training

Drive tool adoption

Increased awareness

Increased awareness

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