Accelerating Adoption of SaaS Tools Globally

By developing tutorials for key SaaS tools, we improved the Employee Experience (EX)
A global enterprise with 10K+ employees in 20+ countries

Tools are only Efficient if they’re Widely Used

To improve employee experience and increase efficiency of the HR department, our client was procuring new SaaS tools. These included HR portal, Success Factors and various self-service tools to service requests live leaves, payslips, reimbursements and more. While all these tools help the employees to perform tasks on their own but creating awareness of these tools and how they work in a global company is not an easy task.

Our client was earlier leveraging enterprise email templates and some help of the small internal communications team, but that wasn’t enough –they needed help.


Supporting Every Launch with Accessible Content

We evaluated the employee landscape and communication channels before suggesting a bite-sized multi-media communication approach covering digital, print and social channels.

For every new tool or project being launched, we helped to create a unique identity – which included a logo, name and a tagline. We supported launches with videos, emails, intranet banners, posters and roll-up banners. To train employees we created screencast how to videos and interactive guides.

Finally, we drove engagement using infographics and social engagement highlighting success stories, use cases and features.

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Coherent Change Management Strategy

Coherent change
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