Accelerating Adoption of SaaS tools

We created a course from scratch to promote Application Monitoring in today’s IT environment.
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50k employees in 40 countries

Getting the Right Tools to the Right People

With digital applications increasingly popular, monitoring the performance both internal and customer applications is difficult.

Our client had variety of SaaS tools like Dynatrace, Moogsoft, which would make tasks simpler if used correctly and widely, but adoption remained low, as few staff fully understood the capabilities or felt motivated to make the switch.

Our client approached us with their e-Learning requirements and provided a lot of content from the various SaaS vendors but they needed to be stitched together.


Building a Comprehensive Adoption Strategy

We created a complete course outline, defined the different sections and finally post-alignment created the entire copy for the course.

We did lots of external research, and created relevant examples for the BFSI industry, so that the users could relate. The final video of ~45 minutes was integrated into the Amex LMS for global employee consumption.

But we knew the video alone wasn’t enough to drive adoption, so we recommended an adoption strategy in which we created popular use cases for the tools, including a unique tagline that caught employees’ attention. The adoption strategy also included the creation of an interactive guide, short 1-minute videos, infographics and emails.

Project Showcase



Stronger Employer Branding

Consistent brand identity

High level of engagement

A strategy for ongoing

Incorporated vendor
best practices

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