Showcasing Offering for the Entire Security Spectrum

We helped our client to showcase their capabilities across various stages of cyber security lifecycle
A leading global enterprise providing multiple cybersecurity solutions

Demonstrating Diverse Portfolio can be Overwhelming

Our client wanted to showcase how they can address common challenges that any cybersecurity professional faces during the cybersecurity lifecycle.

In any enterprise, there are different categories of job roles, and our client wanted to highlight the typical problems their employees face and how our client could provide relevant solutions to end-users’ problems. Currently, they had an excel file highlighting this, which wasn’t very effective during customer engagements.


Using Interactive Approach to Showcase Capabilities

We created an interactive web page and presentation, where the 33 customer jobs were grouped into 6 categories. Each of these were mapped to multiple customer jobs and the typical problems in performing the job, for example, lack of visibility, lack of skills, contextual data visibility, etc.

Our design thinking team developed a unique interface which allowed the customer to explore every job, what are the problems they encounter, and how life could be different if they used our clients’ solution. While this collateral was developed for a specific use case since it came out so nicely it was put up at the experience centre and also used for several other marketing initiatives.

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