Building an Interactive Induction Handbook

Personalized guided experience with an information packed onboarding kit
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A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50k employees in 40 countries

Need to Create a Consistent and Engaging On boarding Experience

Our client wanted to induct new employees to their department to familiarize with the other teams, what they do and how they add value to the customers.
While there was an overall company induction for the new employees but there was no department induction.


An Interactive Induction Experience

To avoid a long scroll induction guide, we created an interactive induction handbook for new employees allowing them to navigate to any area that interest them. While it allowed for flexibility to move anywhere interaction buttons guided them on the next area to explore, created a personalized guided experience. Another key feature was the handbook was created in PowerPoint enabling out client to do minor edits on their own.

The induction handbook was packed with information – leader address welcome note and a video, an overview of the business unit, how they add value to the end customer and stating their mission and priorities for the upcoming year.

In addition, it provided a quick overview of the 12+ teams, what they do, their key success stories & the key roles in each team. The idea was to educate employees to the breadth of roles available in the business unit so that the employee can look at creating a long-term career in the company.


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