Communicating Do’s & Don’ts on Code of Conduct

Awareness campaign to showcase common scenarios using comic strips and animated videos
International consumer finance provider with 132K employees in 9 countries

An Important Issue to be Communicated

Our client wanted to create awareness around organizational behaviours among their employees across multiple locations in a fun and engaging way.

They were thinking about short stories to communicate common scenarios like prevention of sexual harassment (POSH), information security and more such common issues they faced.


Giving an Interesting Twist to the Campaign

We created an interesting theme of communicating common scenarios through comic characters. To be gender agnostic we used geometrical shapes as characters.

For each scenario, we either created a comic strip or an animated video. This light-hearted communication campaign brought a smile to the employees while educating them on what not to do or report if they see one around them.

Project Showcase


Increased awareness

Increaed Awareness

High level of engagement

Encouraging employees to promote brand

Higher Compliance

Higher compliance

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