Communicating Do’s & Don’ts on Social Media Policy

We helped in creating awareness on the policy and process
International consumer finance provider with 132K employees in 9 countries

Social Media in the Workplace could be Worrisome

Our client wanted to educate their employees on how to use social media to promote their business and forbidding actions that could harm organization’s image and protect confidential information.

On the other hand they wanted to promote positive behaviour and explain the right way to use social.


Inspiring Employees for Better Social Media Practices

We formulated a 3-way campaign of educating the do’s and don’ts of social media through real life scenarios via videos, infographics and emailers. We dramatized a few scenarios to add a fun element and make these light hearted to read by the employees.

We used a microbytes communication approach to educate employees what are the things they need to keep in mind while posting any content related to their organisation and how they can use social media to promote their brand effectively.

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High level of engagement

Adherence to policy

Encouraging employees to promote brand

Encouraging employees to promote brand

Higher Compliance

Higher compliance

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