Comprehensive Marketing for a New Product

Our end-to-end service ensured a successful launch for a digital B2B tool
Global Real Estate & Investment company with 50K+ suppliers in 80 countries

Creating a Sales Funnel from Scratch

Our client had built a new digital product to simplify procurement for B2B purchases. The next step was to take it to market by approaching existing customers, marketing it through digital channels and generating sales through their partner network.

They needed an agency who could build a marketing strategy and the relevant collaterals from the ground up.


Building Collateral Across the Buying Cycle

We ran several sessions with the customer to identify the key value propositions then defined a messaging framework based on target user personas, all to ensure consistent messaging and highlight the differentiated solution our client offers.

Once the messaging framework was firmed up, we partnered with the customer to create the marketing collaterals for the entire buying cycle—this included the development of the website, product videos, demo videos, customers presentations, brochures, emailers and adoption kits.

Offering a comprehensive branding and marketing service under one roof enabled our client to go to the market easily while they focused on their business.

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Unified Comprehensive Service

Unified comprehensive

Consistent brand messaging

Consistent message
across collaterals

Enabled sales and partner staff

Enabled sales and
partner staff

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