Condensing Demos into Interactive Experience

We culled hour-long demos into short interactive videos to accelerate sales process
A leading global enterprise providing multiple cybersecurity solutions

Reduce Dependency on Product Teams for Demos

Seeing is believing and hence live demos have been always popular, and with digital tools on the rise, sales teams depend on product teams to deliver demos. Traditionally, demos were provided to clients by the subject matter experts, but this required coordinated availability and quality was dependent on staff skill levels. At times, poor connectivity or delivery was derailing strong leads.

To enable their sales team, our client wanted to create self-service demos for their key product offerings across multiple portfolios. But with many features, the demos could be 15-20 minutes long, and our client wanted us to think of an innovative solution to keep the customer engaged.


Short Engaging Interactive Content Offered a New Solution

We proposed creating an interactive demo, which could branch to any portfolio, then to any product and finally to any feature or use case. This could be used by the sales team in person or given to the customer to navigate on their own. The results in higher engagement and helped move deals forward faster.

The demo videos served multiple purposes: they were featured on the website for prospects, formed part of the digital campaigns on landing pages, were used at experience centers and events and helped train the new sales team and partners.

Project Showcase


Sales discussion

Shorter and more engaging sales meetings

Additional training material for staff

Engaging video

Marketing potential from online videos

No dependencies on product teams

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