Creating Awareness to Adapt New Technologies

We helped our client to create videos to explain how their new technology works
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50k employees in 40 countries

Explaining Technology to Non-Technical Employees

Our client has a Centre of Excellence (COE) to drive automation in their organization.
They were implementing new technologies like AI, ML, NLG, AI, Big Data and building various tools to automate their transactional work.

They wanted to educate the employees of the business unit on automation capabilities, to drive awareness and inspire them to be part of the journey.


Simple and Engaging Video Series

The client chose us as their trusted change management partner and we have been helping them for various initiatives for the last 4 years.
The video scripts were carefully written ensuring that employees this as a positive note and not a job scare. The objective was to inspire them and showcase how their life would become more enriched and how they will work in the upcoming man-machine world.

As part of the campaign, we created educational videos, demo videos to showcase the pre-post scenario, success stories of implemented use cases and progress-report videos.

Project Showcase


Increased awareness

Increased Awareness of new technology

Coherent Change Management Strategy

Coherent change management strategy

Engaged Global Employees

Engaged global employees

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