eLearning for Embracing Modern Technologies

Creating courses for IT and business decision makers helped them jointly embrace the benefits of ML and AI
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50k employees in 40 countries

The Struggle of Keeping a Global Workforce up to Date with Modern Tech

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning means that enterprises need to embrace these technologies in their processes and product development or risk being left behind. But driving understanding and adoption across 50k employees in 40+ countries and multiple business units requires targeted marketing.

Our client wanted to train IT teams and business process owners on machine learning concepts. Traditional and in-house developed content wasn’t engaging, so they were looking for video capabilities.

They wanted to develop a series of e-Learning modules, part of which would focus on familiarising IT with the concepts, use cases, and tools available, and a second series linked to how machine learning and AI can solve business problems.


Highlighting Value Across the Business

We created professional e-Learning video series which contained content for both process insight and business value.

The content was far simpler and used plentiful examples to explain the concept of machine learning. Our comprehensive services included content rejuvenation, storytelling, on-brand visual creation, native video voice-oversand high-quality animation.

The visualisation had a futuristic theme using HUD elements,making the overall video series apt for the topic at hand.

We developed examples related to the financial services side so that business-focused users could relate to the topics more clearly, including fraud detection, improving the customer lifecycle value and managing regulations.

The final videos were integrated in the client’s LMS so that they could be individually distributed to drive adoption.

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Embraced modern technologies faster

Shared understanding across business units

Reusable videos

Reusable video content

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