Engaging a Global Audience in an Global Conference

We anchored our client’s position as SMEs through an interactive microsite and interactive videos
A leading legal firm of India

Delivering an Expert Outlook

Our client was attending a large conference in Seoul with their prospective global partners and clients. The event also included a lunch and small group meeting. In order to anchor a good conversation our clients wanted to create short videos on the economic state of India and the interests there of the different countries present.

They also wanted to create a brochure & microsite for this event.


Providing Value Through Interactive Material

We created an interactive microsite which was modern and informative. It enticed users to scroll, hover, deep dive and learn more about the perspective provided by this leading law firm.

We also created a sleek mini brochure which could be handed over by the partners during the meeting.

We also created short videos for various countries showcasing their economy, trade relations with India and key sectors and news to look out for. The videos helped our clients.

Project Showcase


Established SME position

Improved Communication

Led to engaging conversations

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