Ensuring Adherence
to Critical Safety Standards

By developing modular videos that could be distributed as needed, we turned a safety training headache into a valuable knowledge base
One of the largest mining and non-ferrous metals companies in India

Addressing Safety for Multiple Environments Proved Tricky

Our client is a leading mining company in India with over 100,000 workers and contractors across India. Given the dangers of the industry, our client created a set of rules to ensure the safety of their workers.

These safety standards covered confined spaces, underground mines, working in isolation, electrical safety, and safe driving.

The challenge they faced was ensuring that employees & contractors were properly trained before they started work, given the wide spread locations, dependency on trainers and constant attrition.


Developing a Series of Relatable Modules

They contacted Digital Apple to standardise and collate all the relevant safety standards as short, engaging modules that could be assigned as necessary

We created 3-4 minute videos for them to deliver training which highlighted common mistakes and non-compliances.

By addressing both issues and how to handle through custom visuals, we accurately reflected the client’s work environment. To ensure wider reach, these videos also converted into regional languages like the Tamil, Kannada so that workers and contractors could receive training in their local dialogue.

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Higher Compliance

Higher training

Reusable videos

Short reusable videos

Videos for continuous awareness

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