Ensuring High Participation in Employee Annual Survey

A creative campaign to showcase expressions as characters to resonate free expression
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Surveys are Boring

Our client conducts annual employee engagement survey every year to seek employee feedback in the form of ideas, opinions and suggestions over various aspects of workplace.

But surveys seem boring, and our clients wanted to create an interesting campaign around the survey to drive maximum participation from the employees.


Creating a Unique Campaign to Drive Maximum Engagement

We created a unique theme of ‘Expression’ where different expressions were transformed as characters like a loudspeaker, pen, and mike – adding an interesting twist.

Our end-to-end engagement included the creation of the campaign video, physical branding and intranet banners to engage employees across platforms. The creatives explained why their participation is important and necessary details on to how and by when to complete the survey.

The campaign was successful as there was high participation from the employees and helped the client to reach one more step nearer to build a happier and healthier workplace.

Project Showcase


Increased participation

Increased participation

Stronger Employer Branding

Promoting employer branding

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