Equipping a Modern Salesforce

We created interactive sales kits that made training of sales reps easier and gave them the resources they needed to close deals faster
A leading telecom client with $3Bn revenue and 11K employees

The Struggle with Ongoing Onboarding across Sales Teams

Our client has a diverse workforce, 6 large portfolios and over 50 products. They struggled with knowledge retention due to continuous churn, either from losing and replacing sales reps or rotating them to new portfolios. Training them to learn the product quickly and understand what assets were available was not an easy feat.

The client has a knowledge repository system and an efficient sales enablement team, but still the process up getting up to speed took a long time and even after training, reps were often dependent on the marketing team to provide assets to them. Our client wanted a better way to enable their sales team and transform the training process.


Giving Reps the Tools for Success

We created a ‘Sales Kit’ –an interactive guide providing details on market trends, the competitor landscape, the value proposition of the products, use cases and demos. It also covered how to start a conversation with various stakeholder personas and 30/60/90 second elevator pitches for decision makers. It had embedded videos and links to all the assets contained in a light PDF which could be easily emailed and referred to before client meetings.

We also made ready to use assets like email templates, customer decks, and social posts to engage with customers quickly. Very quickly, these kits became the top used assets in the sales team and were replicated for all the client’s top-selling products and portfolios.

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