Generating Engagement from Scratch

We researched and created emails for industry-specific outreach

A Fortune 100 technology group with Innovative products


Creating Industry-Specific Emails

Our leading technology client wanted to increase their marketing efforts in the India region. They wanted emails which could showcase their industry expertise and also explain the solutions they offer by positioning themselves as a cutting-edge technology provider.

These emails would be used by senior executives to initiate discussions with their counterparts at prospect companies. They had limited previous experience in digital marketing.


Bringing Solutions to Life

After our initial review discovered limited existing content, we performed thorough research to build the emails from scratch. These included industry-specific offerings for the likes of BFSI and manufacturing as well as solution-specific emails covering products like IoT and Video Analytics.

The emails were light to read and filled with visuals to bring our client’s solutions to life.

Project Showcase


Targeted offering

Targeted offerings

Greater outreach

Greater outreach

Sales discussion

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Warmer leads

Warmer leads

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