Interactive Content for our Clients’ Innovation Centre

We helped a leading digital transformation firm develop modern branding for their emerging tech products
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Showcasing Expertise with Greater Interactivity

Our client, a leading digital transformation service provider, wanted to increase awareness of their cutting-edge digital products and how they could help their customers. They had the subject matter expertise of the product but wanted to create more interactive ways for customers to explore their products.

They needed an agency who could understand emerging digital technologies like AI, robotics, and customer analytics and bring their solutions to life. The client was also planning on using their videos in a newly-opened innovation centre to showcase during client visits.


Bringing the Solutions to Life

Given our specialization in creating videos for emerging technologies, we were able to understand the products through sessions with their product SMEs quickly and reviewing past case studies. We also performed external research to gauge competitor offerings before crafting a series of videos to showcase the capabilities of these products.

We developed a unique brand identity using futuristic HUD elements that fit the modern feel of these exciting developments.

Project Showcase


Technical topics made accessible

Technical topics made accessible

Interactive collaterals

Interactive content

Unique branding

Unique brand identity

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