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Bringing solutions to life by creating a variety of videos and interactive collaterals

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Marketing a Diverse Portfolio

Our client provides cybersecurity services to its global customers and wanted to inform them of its latest advancements in this space, as well as applicable security scenarios where their products could be used.

They also have several global cyber security response centres where clients often visited, and they wanted to create an interactive experience on the digital walls they have across the facility. They had the infrastructure and needed an innovative agency who could help them achieve their objectives.


Interactive Collaterals for Marketing and Experience Center

We created a range of interactive collaterals to bring the scenarios in our client’s use cases to life. Our client has 20+ products in their portfolio suite; it was important to understand the portfolio offering so that we could explain the products in a simple yet compelling manner. Since the cybersecurity landscape is always changing, we worked with the client continuously to stay up to date on new developments and bring out relevant content in a timely manner.

One of the key asset developed during this engagement was of interactive product demos. The client erstwhile used to schedule demos with their prospects, but together we created canned demos for all their major products and created an interactive demo video for them.

This asset was not used as a replacement of the in-person demos but was later put on the website, used at events and on landing pages of digital campaigns. Our vast includes creating threat intelligence advisory reports for their customers, showcasing how they combatted a major DDoS attack or building a case study around how they’d proactively helped their customers. Recently we built a cyber-simulation game to engage C level executives at events.

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Consistent brand messaging

Consistent messaging

Interactive collaterals

Interactive collaterals for higher engagement

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Ongoing marketing support

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