Intuitive Customer Onboarding to Drive Referrals

We created an interactive video to ensure customers made full use of the client’s cloud tool
A leading telecom client with $2.5Bn revenue and 11K employees

Extensive Tool Functionality wasn’t Being Utilised

A product sold is great news, but it is best when the customer uses it to its full potential. Only then can you expect consistent referrals and renewals. Our client understood this and thus wanted to provide a high-quality experience and smooth onboarding process for customers of their cloud platform.

The tool has a high number of self-service functionalities and our client had a good quick start guide, but they wanted to improve the training process.

A video covering all the features would be 15 minutes long – but today’s modern customer doesn’t have that sort of time and likely wanted answers for more specific questions.


Making it Easier to Get Customers to the Features they needed

We created an interactive video where the content was split between several sections. We made short 1-2 minute videos for these, covering an overview as well as quick ‘How to’ topics such as how to add a VM or view reports. The user could play a video and go back to the menu during playback, letting them reach the desired topic faster.

We embedded interactive cards and links into the videos which led to downloadable guides, templates, and other assets.

While the assets were prepared for customer training, they were also leveraged to train the sales team and demo the product during events.

Project Showcase


Higher experience

Higher customer satisfaction

Improved referral

Reusable videos

Reusable material for training and promotion

Faster customer onboarding

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