Learning Values Through Gamification

We helped our client to create awareness about their new cultural values

A leading telecom company


Communicating New Values

To keep pace with digital transformation, our client updated their value system – but communicating this to global team of 8,000+ employees was no easy feat.

They looked to gamification to achieve this and since the acronym of the value system was DRIVE, the natural choice was a car racing game.


Exploring Values in a Game Setting

We came up with several concepts for the client, aligning on a simple game with several levels. Each level represented a different attribute they needed to learn, for example to explain “venture”, the race track was open terrain. The player destroyed the old values and collected the new ones. Success brought car upgrades to motivate the user to keep going.

The game featured a leader board for competitive motivation between global employees.

Our comprehensive scope included concept development, UX/UI, content development, application development for web and mobile, testing and deployment. The application was integrated with SSO login.

Project Showcase


Improved understanding of values

Improved understanding of values

Engaged Global Employees

Global connections between colleagues

Reusable marketing content

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