Overhauling Supplier Ethics Training

We revamped a client’s global supplier compliance training to create engaging content through a platform that easily tracked user progress
A Fortune 500 real estate & investment company with 50K+ suppliers in 80 countries

Achieving Compliance Across Diverse Supplier Base is Difficult

To ensure their global suppliers follow ethical and fair practices in the way they run their businesses, our client had to conduct an annual code of conduct training for all its suppliers. Our client was holding instructor led training to ensure that all their suppliers completed the relevant training every year.

Managing this mammoth task, including dealing with suppliers in several different languages, was difficult and time-consuming, especially the tracking and reporting aspects. The training itself was dry, lacked examples and relied on the trainer to make it interesting and engaging for attendees.

They wanted to create exciting new e-Learning videos for compliance training, as well as a way to deliver these to their global suppliers. The content was to be translated into 10 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more. They had a strict timeline of 8 weeks as per the management’s mandate.


Delivering Engaging Content Ahead of Schedule

We created a 15-minute video which covered the content in detail. The video was far more engaging and explained things from a viewpoint that employees at any level could understand. It covered several examples and told a story through explaining scenarios so that the concepts were well understood. The English training module was created in just 4 weeks with minimal inputs from the stakeholders, as we appreciated the value of our customer’s time. The translations were handled in parallel and completed just 2 weeks after English module approval, and hence together we finished the project ahead of time and ready for launch

We also created a web platform, where the supplier could choose their language and then take an online assessment. The assessment scores were integrated with the client’s supplier management system through an API, hence making tracking and compliance a breeze.

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