Promoting Widespread
Adoption of CICD

We marketed new best practices through engaging internal branding and communication
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50k employees in 40 countries

IT Leaders Aren’t Always Cut Out for Internal Marketing Roles

Our client has 11,000 IT developers spread across 40 countries. Our stakeholder was responsible for driving the adoption of CICD, which is the integral part of the DevOps culture among the developers.

The difficulty is that IT senior management aren’t marketers but were now tasked with promotion across a large and diverse user base. They lacked communications and marketing expertise, and finding bandwidth of existing resources was difficult.

The current adoption of CICD tools across the organisation was only 30-35% and their goal was to reach 75% + across all business units and all regions, so they knew extensive internal branding and marketing was required.


Building an Adoption Strategy from the Ground Up

We formulated a 2-pronged strategy for communication and branding. First, a one-time effort to create cohesive branding and training material that would enable adoption.

This included creating a microsite and improving the layout and resources on their Confluence pages. Short videos on tools like Jira, Confluence, BitBucket and SonarQube explained the use cases and benefits for the developers.

We also created an interactive guide full of useful links, embedded videos and audio clips that was easy to share over email.

The second phase is an ongoing monthly retainer focusing on engagement through newsletters, success stories and short infographics to educate and motivate continuous adoption within the community.

Key to all the material was that it had a fun visual identity which caught the eye of the developer community, in contrast to typical dry material.

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