Promoting Widespread Adoption of CICD

We helped drive change management to embrace digital transformation through engaging internal branding and communication
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50K employees in 40 countries

Changing Cultures Across Worldwide Teams

Our client has 11,000+ IT developers spread across the globe. Our stakeholder was responsible for driving the adoption of CICD, which is an integral part of the DevOps culture among the developers.

To achieve this they created a microsite which would explain to developers the value props, share success stories and provide a training schedule – but the site created internally wasn’t cut out to explain the use cases, the benefits the tools offered and how the developers could use it.


A Comprehensive Interactive Microsite with Multi-media Content

Using design thinking principles, we created an intuitive user flow for the new microsite. Rather than just being a dry 1-page informative site, we actively marketed the value props to motivate developers to understand the different tools quickly.

A playful visual identity was developed with custom illustrations adding some fun and explaining the concept in an interesting way. We also created training videos and guides to enable the developer training, these were also hosted on the microsite.

A separate section was created on success stories to showcase early adopters and the benefits they experienced. A university page was created to offer training support and highlight learning communities to leverage.

After approval, light-responsive front-end HTML code was developed for our client to host in their environment.

Project Showcase



Increased awareness


Motivation for early adopters

Memorable project identity

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