Re-energising Campus Hiring Program

Motivating candidates by showcasing innovative use cases through interactive collaterals
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50K employees in 40 countries

The Existing Program Needed a Facelift

Our client regularly recruits fresh talents from esteemed universities. However, they faced an issue of inconsistency in conveying the key message and employee branding to the candidates.

The client wanted to create interactive material to showcase to their millennium candidates the innovative work they do and motivate them to join their organization.


Enabled the Recruitment Team with the Right Tools

We created an interactive campus presentation which allows candidates not only to understand what our clients company does, the key roles available but also company culture. The erstwhile long deck was made shorter with interactivity and amplified with visuals.
A key aspect was to include use cases and videos which showcase common problems and how their company is solving through innovative technologies.

The light-hearted easy to relate material clicked with the millennium population. In addition, we also created a video which showcased all the leaders across locations and how the company is an excellent choice for them to start their career.

Project Showcase


Better Candidate Experience

Better candidate experience

Stronger Employer Branding

Stronger employer branding

Faster recruitment

Attract higher quality candidates

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