Reinforced Employee Values through Physical Branding

We helped our client to create awareness about their new employee values

A leading telecom company with $2.5 Bn revenue and 8K employees

Awareness on New Employee Values Across Regions

Our customer with 8000+ of employees spread across multiple locations around the globe had recently revamped their employee values and they wanted to disseminate the same across the entire company.
They were looking for an agency to help them revamp the physical branding across all their offices globally to create awareness amongst employees. The new values were DRIVE: Daring, Responsive, Inclusive, Venturing, Ethical.


Reinforced Values through Visual Storytelling and Engaging Game

Physical Branding: We understood the client values and formulated 3 themes for physical branding – adventure, metaphor and people. Then, we created short crisp copy & creatives to promote themes to promote the cultural values. These creatives were put up in cafeterias, elevators, and corridors to communicate and disseminate the new values.

Gamification: We also designed an educational car game. From concept, game development to implementation in order to train employees about the new DRIVE attributes. Each level represented a different attribute they needed to learn, for example, to explain “venture”, the race track was open terrain. The player destroyed the old values and collected the new ones. The game featured a leader board for competitive motivation between global employees.

Project Showcase


Improved understanding of values

Improved understanding of values

Increased awareness

Greater awareness

Increased participation

Increased participation

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