Revamping a Struggling B2B Tool

We reviewed and improved a SaaS tool that had received scathing reviews
A Fortune 500, leading facility management company

Addressing Poor User Experience

Our client had recently created a SaaS web tool for B2B purchases similar to Amazon business, but initial user responses highlighted a poor experience with several broken user journeys.


Overhauled the B2B tool with a Fresh UX/UI

We were tasked to review the tool, define the user journeys, evaluate how we could improve the experience and enhance the tool’s UI.

Using design thinking principles we identified the various gaps in the tool from a functionality & user experience perspective.

We enhanced the overall UI to make the tool more usable and presentable when pitching to prospects. Notifications touchpoints and content were also refined and revamped to make them more relevant and actionable.

In phase 2, we created the entire app wire framing, UX, UI and in-app notifications. An interactive prototype made it easy for the development team to create the app.

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Higher experience

Improved user experience

High level of engagement

Greater customer engagement

Improved calls
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