Transforming Training for Widespread Efficacy

We made our client’s training relevant and accessible
A global Fortune 500 real estate & investment company with 90K+ employees in 80 countries

Dated & Non-engaging Training Material

Our client provides facility management services and is focussed on providing high quality while keeping operational costs low – to ensure this, they follow the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

An instructor trained their APAC employees using in-house content over 3 days and various locations – but due to limited trainer availability and travel costs, not everyone could attend. Our client also provided training for its customers but wasn’t confident that the training material was of a sufficient standard. Administering tests and collating results were also a challenge due to the manual processes involved.


Using Visual Storytelling to Drive Engagement

We revamped the training content, taking a more visual approach and adding relevant examples. While the initial scope was to uplift the training content, we suggested converting the material into videos by adding voiceovers and breaking the content into short modules. This enabled a wider reach and also allowed operations teams to use these as mini-training modules to nurture new skills.

We transformed the manual assessment process into an online quiz. We created a highly visual brochure for the new training content which helped our client to confidently share with its customers.

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