Upskilling Employees with a Skill Portal

We made it easy for our client to assess and improve their employees’ skillsets
A Fortune 100 leading bank with 50K employees in 40 countries

Keeping Skills Up to Date

With the pace of technological change, there was an inherent need for our client’s IT team to continuously upskill their existing employees.

Our client wanted to gauge the skill level of their employees and help them improve by providing personalized learning paths.


Assessing Skill IQ and Role IQ through an Intuitive Portal

We created a front-end tool for our client’s learning platform Cornerstone enabling employees to check their Skill and Role IQ.

The portal features included:

  • Assess skills required and proficiency vs. the role
  • Skill assessments through Pluralsight.
  • Customized learning paths based on employee roles with progress tracking
  • Reminder notifications for key actions
  • Inbuilt gamification with points system and badges for motivation & engagement
  • Detailed analytics for management

Project Showcase


Improved learning outcomes

Customized learning

Cornerstone integration

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