Using Gamification for Employee Training

We created a simple game to make train global employees on Diversity and Inclusion

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Traditional Training is a Push Approach

Getting employees’ attention isn’t easy, so our client wanted to try gamification for their training on important topics like Diversity & Inclusion.

We were challenged to generate ideas for how this topic could be explained through an interactive game.


Creating an Interesting Educational Game

As we were supporting our client in their Diversity & inclusion internal communication campaign, we were well aware of the topic. We brainstormed and came up with several concepts to the client, and aligned on an interactive game with 36 levels.

The objective was to break all the bricks, collecting positive words in a net related to D&I. After each level, a short summary explained the topic in detail. The game featured a leader board for some friendly global competition.

Our comprehensive scope included concept development, UX/UI, content development, application development for web and mobile, testing and deployment. The application was integrated with SSO login.

Project Showcase


Improved learning outcomes

Effective training

Higher training engagement

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