Using Marketing Tactics to Drive App Adoption

We designed engaging collaterals to sell customers on the essential benefits of a new app

Global Real Estate & Investment company with 50K+ suppliers in 80 countries


Struggling to Explain an Innovative App

Our client provided facility management services to its customers.

Recently they’d developed a new app which would decrease time to serve and improve user experience. They’d had success with a few pilot clients and wanted to increase their reach to their other customers.

But long presentations were not able to explain the innovation our client had developed. They looked to us to create product videos and interactive brochures to bring their product to life.


Engaging Users through Benefits and Testimonials

We took the time to understand the client’s product, its features and use cases, and how it simplifies the current way of working. From there, we created an engaging script to highlight how their app is a must to amplify user experience and deliver cost savings.

We added a live action customer testimonial to bring more authenticity to the product offering.

Project Showcase


Highlighting key benefits

Engaging video

Engaging video

Interactive product experience

Wider adoption

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