Virtual Showcase of an Actual DDoS Case Study

Bringing an incident to life by combing live-action and animation
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Showcasing Cyber-defence Capabilities can be Tricky

Our client needed to an actual case study of how they helped one of their customers to prevent a massive DDoS attack.

The idea was to explain what happened behind the scenes and how the customer was not impacted at all by the proactive monitoring and response by their team.


Dramatic Approach Taken to Catch Users Attention

We demonstrated the case study by stitching the story around
a typical day in the life of an analyst at cyber security centre. The video used several interesting techniques – such as combination of live action and futuristic HUD style elements. The sound effects were dramatic to build a suspense and an intense setting. All bound together by an interesting script which highlights how the attack intrudes in real-time, its root cause and the series of steps taken by our client to mitigate the attack and protect the customer.

In addition, we created an animated infographic in which we built a ninja theme and created in a comic style layout.

Project Showcase


Virtual Experience of a capability

Virtual experience
of a capability


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