Supplier Training

Ensure compliance and consistency across your global supplier ecosystem

Set Supplier Standards with Modern eLearning Content

Your suppliers play a key role in your business’s success, and so it pays to invest in their training. Improving knowledge, compliance and conduct can have a knock-on effect that delivers benefits across your organisation. Digital Apple’s interactive training is the perfect way to engage your suppliers worldwide and share your vision with them.

Use Cases

Not sure where to begin? Consider these essential supplier training use cases

Educate on your Processes and Tools

Train your global supplier base through digital eLearning and improve your business metrics.

We help create onboarding eLearning or ‘how to’ videos so that your suppliers can understand your processes, the tools and systems you use and what you expect them to do. Some common use cases include how to register as a new supplier, how to submit an invoice, how to participate in an auction, guidelines for submission of RFPs etc.

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Code of Conduct

Your suppliers are a part of your enterprise ecosystem and to be ethical and compliant you need your suppliers to follow guidelines on bribery and corruption, gift and entertainment policies, data privacy etc.

We create video-based eLearning modules to train them remotely and track the progress of your globally spread diverse supplier base. Translate courses to local languages for even higher reach.

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Contract & Annual Compliance

Most non-compliances, like data privacy breaches of customers, happen from the 3rd party end such as suppliers, but enterprises are responsible for the consequences and fines arising from these issues.

We create eLearning videos on topics such as contract compliance, data privacy, safety regulations – highlighting what suppliers need to be compliant with, as well as the consequences. If any regular annual compliances are required, train suppliers on what’s needed and how to submit documents.

A small investment in eLearning can go a long way in improved supplier compliance and time saved on follow-ups and audits.

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Case Studies

Trusted by large enterprises across various industries in 24 countries. Hear their stories.

Why are We Different ?

Our broad range of skills and exceptional staff allow us to offer a service like no other provider.

Why are we different?
Content in Any Shape
  • We do extensive research to create content from scratch or amplify your existing copy. By adding relatable examples, we connect your audience to your learning outcomes.
Agility & Speed
  • We can work as fast as you need us to go. If you are ready, we are ready. Our agile approach helps us to deliver projects at twice the speed of our competitors.
Any topic, Any Area
  • Our unique methodology and extensive copyrighters’ network of SMEs allow us to create expert content on any topic, from DevOps to customer service soft skills.
Translate to Any Language
  • We provide localisation and translation in over 50 languages for a wider reach.

Our Agile Process

Content Development

The first step is to create the content flow and script for the learning video. We understand your target audience and your training objectives and also collect and collate existing content. We do this by asking you to complete a short intake form, followed by an online meeting to align our ideas.


Course outline with learning objectives of each topic. A voice-over script with on-screen text that would be displayed in the video.


Once the script is approved, the next step is to translate the script into visual storytelling – background, characters, objects and text.


Scene-by-scene graphics along with the relevant script.

Voice Over

We record a professional voiceover based on your video’s tone and in which market the learning video would be used. In addition, we create the perfect background track and sound effects for your video.


Professional voice-over of script.


We bring the characters and graphic assets to life and mix them with the voice-over, background music and sound effects to complete your learning video.


HD Quality Animated video meeting your business objective.


Once the video is approved and all modifications are made, we convert into a SCORM format to upload to your LMS. We also provide smaller bite-sized videos and initiate language translation work if required.


How long does it take to create an eLearning module?

Typically it takes 3-4 weeks for a 1 hour course, but if it is mission critical, we can investigate ways to speed this up. The timeline also depends on the availability of existing content and the difficulty level of the course.

Can you recreate an existing course?

Yes, we can. You can provide us your current course, be it an instructor-led PPT or an old eLearning course which you have created and we will take it from there.

I don’t have content, how do I start?

We can help with that. We have a team of experienced researchers and copywriters who can do research, build the course outline, define objectives and write all the content including examples and case studies. We make it more user oriented with an active and engaging tone.

Can you help with translations?

Yes, we love creating interactive products. We can build simulations, educational games, branching scenarios and more. Talk to us and we can discuss more on this. We have a large technology wing which gives us an opportunity to develop interesting courses.

Can you create interactive eLearning?

Yes, we love creating interactive products. We can build simulations, educational games, branching scenarios and more. Talk to us and we can discuss more on this. We have a big technology wing which gives us an opportunity to develop interesting courses.

Which topics and areas do you work with?

We have worked on a wide range of trending topics from AI, ML, Automation, NLG, DevOps, safety, code of conduct, employee induction, sales induction, partner training across various industries including BFSI, Insurance, Healthcare, ITES and many more. However, we don’t limit ourselves! We have an extensive network of copywriters with their expertise at our disposal so we can deliver content in every possible topic and domain.

How much does it cost?

While this is the most important question, it depends on a lot of factors. How long is the course and what is the state of the content? Do you want interactions? Is it animated or do we need to shoot live-action as well? Send us your requirements and we can give you a quote post evaluating all parameters, best is to have a chat If you have a budget in mind, we have some cost-effective solutions as well.

Are modifications included?

Unlimited modifications are included until you are happy. We offer a 30 day warranty for any changes, and then we have an easy support model for continued support to address changes which might arise after a few months.

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