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Employee experience (EX)

Drive digital enablement and deliver a consistent and exemplary employee experience

Do you need any help in your HR Communications or initiatives?

As your business is getting more digital, you are constantly reorganising to align with the new business model. HR needs to drive the cultural shift for the new digital office, promote collaboration & inculcate the innovation mind-set. Implementing technology alone can’t drive this, you need to constantly communicate to drive this change. We are change agents who help you to propel your digital transformation agenda, here’s how:

Employer branding

Portray your new digital image to your external talent and employees. We help you to communicate your EVP, values, culture through physical branding, videos and digital creatives. Visual storytelling and bite-size approach connects instantly with your millennium employees.

Talent acquisition

We help you hire rock stars for your brand by creating career microsites, multi-media presentations for campus recruitment, eLearning and interactive kits for channel partners, creatives for social recruitment and employee referral. Provide a glimpse to candidates by creating like ‘Day in a life of an employee video series’ & build credibility through ‘Employee testimonial videos’.

Diversity and Inclusion

We help you to create awareness, engagement and motivation amongst our employees to meet your D&I goals. Create a D&I strategy to enhance your external image by creating a D&I social strategy.

Employee induction

Create an interactive digital experience for your new employees. We identify 0-90 day touchpoints and convert them into automated multi-media content such as videos, interactive employee handbooks, etc.

Policy/Process education

Accelerate adherence to your new policies & processes by creating animated explainer videos, infographics, emailers, interactive handbooks. Typical use cases – POSH, Goals and Performance management, employee survey, social media policy, etc.

Digital tool adoption

Drive adoption of your new digital tools through series of short videos and infographics for the tool - to explain use cases, value proposition, ‘How to’ perform an activity, etc. Typical use cases - SuccessFactors, Workday, Workplace, etc.

Video-based eLearning

Enhance and build the required skills for your employees to be future-ready. We create engaging eLearning for soft skills, technical skills, code of conduct and more. Bite-size and mobile-first approach enables a pull factor from your employees.

Intranet site

We drive higher adoption of your current Intranet sites (SharePoint, Jive, Workplace) by custom development of your site or enhancing the UX/UI of your existing site. Create or transform existing content into multi-media content such as videos, infographics to drive higher engagement.

Build community

We help you build a community and showcase your achievements through newsletters, success stories and roadshows. We bring new ideas and use interesting concepts like comic strips, infographics and videos to make it interesting for your employees.

Employee engagement

We work as a communication partner to help you draft creatives for your events, internal communications and town halls. We work like a strategic partner and bring in fresh ideas to make your communication interesting yet impactful.

Health & Wellness

Communication is vital to your health & wellness program. We help to create your communication plan and development of creatives including event invites, HNA survey, benefits that your program offers and more.


We help you to drive volunteering and participation to your CSR initiatives through active communications such as emailers, infographics, posters, videos, yearbooks and more. Branding for your partner events on sustainability goals.
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