Compelling Communication for a Digital Generation

Today’s workforce is always online and information driven. They grew up digital and expect the technologies that empower their personal lives on hand at work. To attract and retain the best talent, organizations need omni-channel internal communications programs where every touchpoint can accelerate productivity, increase engagement, improve behaviour and more. Digital Apple can help.

Employer Branding and Onboarding

Craft a strong identity for your business that encapsulates your culture and ensures new hires understand and fit in with the way you operate.

Campaigns & Initiatives

Even with internal improvements, it’s not enough to launch a campaign that will deliver benefits—you need to market these initiatives to ensure employee buy-in.

Digital Transformation

New tools won’t sell themselves, and even the best technology will lie disused unless you can enthuse your employees about making the change to using it.

Intranet Sites and Engagement

Redesign your intranet to ensure an exemplary user experience for your employees and give them fast, intuitive access to the material they need to keep them engaged.

Our Creative Services

Modern enterprises engage their employees through an incredible variety of digital channels, including intranet, email, digital signage and mobile apps, making the most of each touchpoint a key to achieving your overall strategic objectives. Get in touch to get closer to yours today.

Video Production​
  • Corporate Film
  • Leaders Speak
  • Explainer Videos
  • Day in a Life Videos
  • Tutorial/ Demo Videos
  • Success story videos
  • Employee Testimonials
Video-based eLearning
  • Employee Induction
  • Product training for sales
  • Mandatory Training
  • Technical Skills Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Digital handbooks
Interactive creatives
  • Interactive Videos
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Interactive Brochures
  • Interactive Guides
  • Simulation Games
User Experience
  • UX Audit
  • Digital Prototype Development
  • UX/UI Services
  • Logo
  • Roll-up Banners
  • Emails
  • Intranet Banner and Posts
  • Infographics
  • Digital handbooks
  • Poster

Why are we different ?

Our broad range of skills and exceptional staff allow us to offer a service like no other provider.

Why are we different?
End-to-end Service
  • From concept creation to engaging creatives, our team of storytellers, designers, copywriters and video production experts ensure your campaign is a success.
Visual Storytelling
  • With a picture worth 1000 words and attention spans shorter than ever before, imagery and videos let you engage your audience and tell your story more effectively.
Tested Approach that Works
  • Busy employees want to interact with your collaterals on their terms, which means bite-sized bursts and engaging interactivity to keep their attention.
  • With a device at your fingertips, the rise in remote working and an always-on, hyper connected workforce, our content is created to be easy to follow on small screens.
Agility & Speed
  • If you need quality in a hurry, we’re a match made in heaven. Our agile approach helps us to deliver projects at twice the speed of our competitors.

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