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Think like a marketer to grab your employees’ attention

Embrace New Ways to Communicate

Employees have a lot competing for their attention, so engaging with them requires a refined approach. You need to think like a marketer—not a natural role for all leaders. With new digital ways to communicate, you need to take advantage of the latest trend and connect with today’s millennial audience. We offer an end-to-end service from determining your project’s value proposition to create engaging collateral across channels based on a refined theme. We work flexibility to meet your needs and your budget.

HR Communications

With innovation and transformation high on the agenda, HR departments are tasked with driving cultural shifts and technological adoption at a frenetic rate.

  • Attract and Retain
    Communicate a positive and attractive image to current and potential employees
  • Engage and Train
    Engage your new employees from day 1 and equip them and existing employees with the right skills through bite-sized training, as well as ensuring policy adherence
  • Promote Initiatives
    From Diversity & Inclusion to Health & Wellness and CSR, there’s plenty to inform and enthuse your employees about. Ensure you clearly explain what’s in it for them
  • Build a Community
    Craft and drive adoption of an intranet site that helps employees share ideas and work together
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L&D Communications

Tools and technologies are emerging on a regular basis, so keeping employee skillsets sharp is critical. To succeed in this disruptive world, you have to be ready to change and adapt.

  • Audit your Content
    Take stock of your existing courses and compare them to best practices
  • Plan Skills Development
    Identify skill gaps in your teams and the training that can rectify these
  • Drive LMS Adoption
    Drive usages of your LMS by highlighting use cases and value propositions through short videos and infographics
  • Engage through eLearning
    Use video-based content to upskill employees through bite-sized courses
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IT Communications

With the digital transformation, IT has become mainstream. IT leads are tasked to get the latest tech to their teams, and drive this agenda – but IT leads are not born marketers, yet they are tasked to do this. Here’s how we can help.

  • Drive Adoption of New Technologies
    Drive change management by creating tool adoption kits to explain how your new technology works, this includes ‘How-to’ videos, Interactive guides and more
  • Train & Enable
    Create video-based eLearning courses to train new hires and upskill existing employees
  • Knowledge Repository
    Revamp your SharePoint or confluence sites.
  • Build your Brand
    Support you to showcase achievement and successes by newsletters, testimonial videos and more.
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Internal Communications

Employees expect the same great digital experiences they get as customers—you have to work to deliver fitting communications with a mobile-first approach.

  • Change Minds and Methods
    Introduce new tools and ways of working like AI, ML, and RPA through success stories
  • Level up your Learning
    Highlight your available courses through a range of communication collaterals
  • Sell your Strategies
    Whether it’s IT adoption or new procurement processes, employees need to believe in what they’re being asked to do
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