Digital Transformation

Even the best tools are useless if no one is using them. We help with change management to let your employees embrace new ways of working and adopting to the tools you introduce.

Ensure your Tooling Investments Payoff

With companies spending a lot on SaaS tools transformation is clearly occurring at pace. Yet most companies face poor user adoption, meaning their investments aren’t achieving their potential. It should therefore be a top priority for managers to increase user uptake of such tools and ensure the features they’ve paid for are put to use.

At Digital Apple, we help you ensure digital transformation success by driving user-adoption across all your applications. Make it easy for employees to transition to new methods, create training material to highlight and explain processes and benefits, and eliminate user confusion, leading to higher adoption and better investment of your digital transformation investment.

Hold Your Users’ Hands Through New Applications

By making new tools are attractive and easy to get started with as possible, we ensure that your tech investments pay off and provide the productivity and engagement that they promise.

Adoption Strategy

Increasing adoption is achieved through several steps to ensure your plan fits your business goals and rectifies any issues in your current situation while communicating the tool value to users

  • Understand current adoption challenges
  • Define user personas & product value propositions
  • Formulate the overall communication plan
  • Create content framework and messaging
  • Develop your digital tool adoption strategy
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Audit Your Current Tool

Often businesses have the right tools in place, but the content around them, or the user experience, isn’t as effective as it could be. An audit can uncover weaknesses and help build on your strengths.

  • UX audits evaluate the current experience, including breaks and opportunities
  • Interface audits test how easy a tool’s visual elements are to use and offers recommendations to build tutorial guides and videos
  • Content audits assess the quality of knowledge repositories and supporting material benchmarked against best practices
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Communication Campaign

Getting your message across is essential when you’re driving adoption among a workforce that already has plenty of competition for its attention, so the right communication is key.

  • Campaign themes can ensure your messaging is coherent and memorable
  • Communication collaterals reach out to users through a variety of channels
  • Use cases, features and benefits give your tools a relatable and easy to follow aspect
  • Success stories in the form of videos, comics, and infographics engage your employees
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End-user Training

Once your employees are sold on the benefits of your new tools, they need to know how to use them. Short and sweet tutorials will keep their attention and guide them through the process.

  • Tutorial videos can demonstrate when, where and how to use your tools
  • Interactive guides let users explore features and functionality at their pace
  • FAQ guides can answer common questions and even show where users are struggling
  • Infographics on ‘how to’ topics, value propositions, and use cases can visually highlight tool benefits
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