Employer Branding
and Onboarding

Showcase that you are the employer of choice. Attract the best new talent and induct them in an engaging seamless manner.

Brand yourself as an Employer of Choice

Global competition for talent is fierce, which is why companies are constantly working on their employer brands in order to attract the right employees. The majority of people research an employer’s reputation before applying and maintaining the right image is essential to painting your business as a great place to work.

We help you define your company culture and bring it to life through branding that aligns with your goals and ambitions.

How we can Help

From attracting the right talent to ensuring your brand fits with your culture and the promises you make your employees, we can help you to find your way and stand out from the crowd.

Talent Acquisition

The right employees are out there being bombarded with messages from dozens of different companies. How do you ensure that yours stands out? Create a journey where each touchpoint is a positive experience they won’t forget. We can help you do just that.

Company Career Page
  • Entice talent to your career page with interactive content for employee testimonials, eBooks, job roles, and videos.
LinkedIn Career Page
  • Develop career page along with a social calendar with regular posts covering your EVP, life at the company, D&I and more.
Recruitment Touchpoint Templates
  • Create canned email templates such as interview invites, offers, job posting and company descriptions.
Referral Program
  • Boost your internal hiring with theme-based promotional and communications campaigns.
Campus Hiring
  • Create a campus presentations or interactive eBook, and booth branding for higher candidate conversions.
Employer Branding Videos
  • Engage your digitally-savvy candidates with interactive videos to build instant credibility and lasting brand recognition.
Partner Enablement
  • eLearning videos for recruitment partner training; enable them to effectively communicate the EVP of your company to candidates
Employee Value Proposition

Your company’s employee value proposition (EVP) encapsulates what your company stands for and its culture as well as the benefits employees receive. These range from the tangible like pay and training to the intangible like a supportive atmosphere and a sense of purpose.

We help you to market your EVP to your workforce through innovative campaigns as part of your recruitment and engagement. Opening a new location, or want to reinforce your new value we help companies with physical branding that reflect your culture, values, and opportunities to both existing and potential employees.

Onboarding & Employee Induction

To enable your handpicked talent to thrive, onboarding them smoothly is critical. Gone are the days where companies will fly new hires to a training centre for a few days and induct them in-person with trainers.

Digital Interactive Induction

Accelerate onboarding process for your new employees by creating videos that cover your CEO welcome address, overview of the company, policies and processes, and EVPs. Give control to your employees to choose what they want to learn by adding interactivity and branching to your modules.

Video-based eLearning

Convert instructor-led training into on-demand training videos. Whether it’s mandatory training like safety briefings, vertical level training like finance specifics, or tool training for your latest payroll or leave portal, interactive content engages your employees.

Digital Induction Kits

Create a 0-90 day engagement plan encompassing quick company overview and other key information to help new employees speed-up in their role. Canned emails with informative material can guide them through various touchpoints and engage them through bite-sized learning.

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