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Redesign your intranet to ensure an exemplary user experience for your employees and give them fast, intuitive access to the material they need to keep them engaged.

We can Help to Create, Revamp, Redesign your Intranet Site

Clunky, difficult to navigate and ugly Intranet sites don’t work. We build modern Intranet sites with an intuitive user experience, engaging content, high visual appeal which drives employee engagement.

From site strategy to development to driving adoption of Intranet site, we’re your design-led development partner focused on creating an experience that works for your employees. If you are looking to design a new Intranet site or revamping your current site, we can help.

Hold Your Users’ Hands Through New Applications

By making new tools are attractive and easy to get started with as possible, we ensure that your tech investments pay off and provide the productivity and engagement that they promise.

Design UX/UI

Create or redesign existing Intranet portal for better user experience.

  • UX: Work with the available Intranet functionality to build wireframes which create an intuitive consumer experience for your employees.
  • UI Design: Customize your new Intranet with brand colours and elements such as imagery, illustrations, typography & iconography.
  • Templates: Adapt existing tool templates for your BUs and functions.
  • Notifications: Create custom system notifications with engaging copy and eye-catching designs geared to driving higher engagement and adoption.
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Develop Multi-media Content

Create multi-media content for an engaging and intuitive user experience.

  • Audit: Content drives adoption. By auditing existing content we identify missing content and assess what needs to be created or repurposed.
  • Create content: We create engaging content which is easy to understand and in any desired format like videos, infographics, interactive guides etc. Bite-sized and mobile-ready content makes adoption a breeze.
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Launch and Drive Adoption

Great your new Intranet is ready now you want tell your employees about the new site we can help you with that

  • Formulate a cohesive communication plan
  • Create content and messaging framework
  • Themed campaigns with digital, video and interactive collaterals that entice users
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Engage and Drive Adoption
  • End-user Training: ‘How to’ Tutorial videos, Interactive guides, FAQ guides for training purposes.
  • Use cases: Bite-sized communications using video and infographics focusing on how each user personas can use and benefit from this.
  • Motivate with success stories: Create videos and infographics of success stories from early adopters across user personas (BU Heads, Managers, Employees)
  • Engaging content: Create engaging content from news and business updates to seasonal communications
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